MyDodl was founded 2015 in Cambridge, UK, by Dr. Michael Pedersen and Dr. Rosamund Marvin. Our mission is to enable elderly people to communicate using modern technology - even those who have never before used computers or tablets and perhaps have given up all hope of ever doing so.

It is a cruel irony of our time that those people who could benefit the greatest from technology, to combat social isolation and loneliness, are also those people who are least likely to have the option. We aim to change this with MyDodl.

Dr. Michael Pedersen

Michael is a computer scientist holding a PhD in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh, and MSc/BSc degrees in Computer Science from Aalborg University, Denmark. He has held independent postdoctoral research positions at the University of Cambridge and Microsoft Research Cambridge, and he has helped several tech startups grow and deliver highly scalable and reliable software systems. He has also authored several bestselling Android apps.

Dr. Ros Marvin

Ros Marvin is a medical doctor with an MBChB degree from the University of Edinburgh. She has 8 years postgraduate clinical experience working in hospitals around the UK and abroad, and has most recently held specialist registrar positions in palliative care in Cambridge, including the world renowned Addenbrooke's hospital. She has a keen interest in care of the elderly and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by their generation.